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Green Watch – Irrigation

Nearly all golf courses have some form of irrigation system, ranging from small systems to water greens, right up to a full coverage system watering the majority of the course. 

Regardless of size it is important that the system is maintained throughout the season. This will ensure that it will run as efficiently and effectively as possible to maximise its ability to supply the course with water in much needed times throughout the hotter parts of the year. 

As most golf courses will drain their systems throughout winter to prevent freezing water expanding and cracking pipes, it is vital that when the system is turned back on in the spring, issues must be highlighted and fixed immediately so the system is ready to supply water on demand along with making sure each head is watering its designated area properly. 

Further maintenance and close monitoring are required throughout the year. Tasks ranging from trimming irrigation heads to prevent excess grass affecting the water arcs, lifting heads if they have sunk so they are flush with the surface, fixing leaks and components within the heads as well as pipe replacements or fixing joints. Many of these issues can lead to water being leaked and used up where not needed, or reduce efficiency to water areas as well as being costly should the issue not be fixed.

To find out more about golf at Rockliffe Hall please phone the team on 01325 729980 or email