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Green Watch – Spring Greens Renovation

As with many golf courses, plans are underway to begin our annual spring renovation of the greens.

Many golfers know this as a time where the putting surfaces will be intensively disrupted as it usually involves some form of aeration, be it Hollow-Coring or Solid-Tinning, various forms of aggressive verti-cutting, then refilling these tine holes or grooves with sand. However, the course management team here at Rockliffe Hall have opted to use solid tines followed by a ‘Sand Injection Graden’. This machine in simplest terms is a scarification machine that cuts into the green removing the thatch layer whilst backfilling the grooves left behind with sand and seed, combining three operations in one to maximise efficiency- meaning more time for more golf!
The surface of the greens will then be brushed or blown clear of any debris and further dressing will be applied and worked into the turf sward if required. This operation, although disruptive, will be completed within two days and only require us to close half of the course on either the front or the back nine while we carry out the operation. The putting surface with the right weather conditions should recover within a week or two with complete grass density- hooray!
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance but it is vital to understand the necessity of this work. This greens renovation period is an essential part of managing consistently firm and fast greens with true ball roll and without it Rockliffe Golf would not be one of the best golf courses in the UK. If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to ask a member of the friendly green-keeping team.
To find out more about golf at Rockliffe Hall, please call 01325 729980 or email