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Green Watch – Water Sources

Maintenance and upkeep of a golf course often means more than just the responsibility of looking after turf. 

With most golf courses there are usually water features of some description, be it a drainage ditch, stream, river or more commonly a pond or lake. These water sources may function as a hazard, visual impact or serve to supply water for an irrigation system. It is therefore important to maintain these water sources to ensure the water is kept clean and healthy.
One of the biggest issues with water sources is the build-up of algae which can be rather unsightly but in serious cases can have a detrimental effect on the waters ecosystem. Algae will thrive in nutrient rich water and this can be obtained from leeched nutrients from surrounding turf which is often fertilised. Sunlight and poor oxygen levels can also be a big factor in growth of algae. One solution to counteract algae growth is to use lake dyes. These dyes help to stop sunlight penetrating the water surface restricting the algae’s ability to photosynthesise. Another method is the use of aerators or fountains to introduce currents to stagnant water and rejuvenate oxygen depletion. This also aids the production of healthy bacteria and promotes nutrient breakdown which the algae relies on to stabilise and rebalance the waters own ecosystem.

To find out more about golf at Rockliffe Hall please phone the team on 01325 729980 or email