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How To Choose The Right Spa Treatment For You

Rockliffe Hall's Spa Manager and expert on all things Spa, Victoria Rickett, guides you through how to choose the best spa treatment for your unique needs.

Close your eyes and picture a spa treatment? What did you see? Chances are it was an image of a serene beauty lying with an array of stones lined up on her back. This image is synonymous with spa but does it fully represent the full variety of treatments available?

Across the spa industry worldwide surveys have shown the majority of treatments performed are a standard massage or stone massage. Certainly here at the Spa at Rockliffe Hall, on average 75% of treatments booked are our most basic massage, despite there being a vast array of sumptuous body rituals, facials and wraps on offer. Massages are, of course, wonderful but what if there is a treatment out there that could take your experience from wonderful to out of this world!

The Chanel No5 factor

I have a theory that one of the reasons massage is the most popular choice is that it is the most familiar, therefore the safest bet. Year after year my husband would buy his mother (and myself) a bottle of Chanel No5 for every occasion, yet he wasn’t a fan of the smell. I found it a very amusing that he wanted the people closest to him bathed in a fragrance that made him sneeze! When we talked about it I discovered it was because it was the most famous perfume and therefore (to his mind) the best, which it may well be for millions but I prefer Tom Ford!

Why try something different?

You are an individual with your own unique personality, needs, preferences and values so it stands to reason that one size does not fit all when it comes to Spa Treatments. You are investing not only your hard earned money but also precious time when you come for a treatment so why not try something memorable with long lasting results and guaranteed contentment. 

Most spas have signature treatments which are really special as they embody the unique strengths of the spa. For example, on our treatment menu we are especially proud of ‘Body Bliss’. This 90 minute treatment was created by our own holistic team and evolved from feedback from Rockliffe Hall guests. It combines our guests’ favourite elements such as Indian head massage, back massage, warm poultices and facial pressure point massage for an holistic treatment that once enjoyed is requested time and again.

Where do I start to choose?

Spa brochures can present a dizzying array of possibilities so where does one begin to narrow down the choices? My recommendation, for which ever spa you are visiting, would be to choose the type of treatment first, before opening the brochure. That way you can make a more informed choice without being seduced by purple prose.

Do you find it difficult to relax and would an hour lying still be mildly irritating? Why not try a Body ritual which incorporates body scrubs, wraps and even unique massage tools such as our Vineyard Treasures.

Do you like to have an element of choice where the treatment is more bespoke to your current mood? Then a Neom ritual would be ideal as the treatment is decided within the consultation.

Do you like a bit of everything? Look no further than a 90 minute face and body ritual such as Sacred Nature.

Do you like something a bit ‘out there’, holistic and memorable? Tibetan Sound Massage is the most restorative, wonderful treatment incorporating massage techniques and the calming vibrations of the Tibetan bowls.

Do you have tension the size of monkey’s fists in your shoulders? Okay then a bespoke warm oil massage is the correct choice!

Our team is trained to guide you through the choices to ensure whatever experience you book, it’s the very best choice for someone as unique and as special as you are.