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An update from Rockliffe Hall's Chief Executive, Eamonn Elliott

Dear all, I know, I know, it has been too long since my last blog. No excuse, I’m sorry...

Right. It has been a crazy summer, the weather was great and the team at Rockliffe have done some amazing things in that time. First and foremost, the Marquee week saw Rockliffe host 4 brilliant key events and in that week over 100k was raised for numerous charities! That stat is just typical of this Rockliffe team. On top of that this team have done the below;

Multiple marathons

Multiple Great North Runs

39 mile run

Helvellyn Triathlon

260 miles through Wales

Sprint Triathlons

And so forth. All the above on top of what we do for numerous charities is second to none in this country and has to be recognised. On that note, thank you to the Rockliffe team for all their dedication and hard work on doing all the above and more, which may sometimes go unrecognised, but not from this seat.

Mischmasch has arrived, I want to inform all that this space will evolve in time. Yet again our chairman (another that very rarely seeks nor gets any recognition for the brilliant work he has done and does at Rockliffe) - Mr Warwick Brindle, I salute you sir for the work you’ve done and role you’ve played at Rockliffe for past and present projects. We are so blessed that Steve, our owner, and Warwick, our chairman, have given us the platform to place this part of the country as the elite in this industry.

Last month one of the most coveted prizes, the Hotelier Top 100 Hotels was released. Rockliffe Hall in Darlington was ranked as the Number One Hotel Golf Resort in England and ranked Number Two in the UK and Ireland, second only to Gleneagles. Figuratively, Rockliffe is in the Champions League of UK hotels and surpassed by no other.

At home, I ask all parents and grandparents is it so wrong that Paddy (he is now 2), our ginger ninja son, is having lollies and chicken nuggets for breakfast? Sally, my Ma, says “as long as he is eating son that is ok”. In saying that Sally is a living Saint and sees no bad in anything in this world! I always remember our older brother, Pearse (the brilliant writer and true talent in our house) tortured me that I was going bald at the old age of 14 as he found bald spot on my head. This literally got into my head and during a quiet moment with Sally I questioned this and she put me at ease by saying, “That is just your crown son, nothing to worry about!”

Paddy’s christening was recently held at St Mary and St Romuald Parish in Yarm. It was a memorable day and we want to thank Father Neil and the lovely Anne from this church for allowing us to have his christening in our local church. The special one, Father Philly Mulryne, came all the way over from Ireland to host the service. It truly was am amazing day and to see all the clan and friends here at Rockliffe for this special occasion was so memorable. Thank you to all.

We hosted the event in the Looking Glass House in Mischmasch. The team had a great day and watching the kids play in the pods supervised by our brilliant child minder Marsha, made the day go by seamlessly. Owen and Aaron Craig, our New Hall Exec Chef, put on a great show.

MFC and team are flying at this time of writing, ssssshhhhhhh. Don’t want to speak too much about this. Tony Pulis, Gouldy, Neil and of course Steve have yet again got the guys into contention. Tony and Gouldy are both bandits at golf and if their competiveness at that sport is anything to go by, I think we will be ok this year!

Rockliffe now moves in to Autumn and before we know it, it will be Christmas. I promise you will get another blog before then. Take care everyone and hopefully I will see you all back at Rockliffe Hall soon.