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The Curious Cabins

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Discover what's inside?

Please note the curious cabins are available to enjoy by residents, members and for private events.

Tucked away in the woodland the curious cabins await exploration! Whether it’s little ones exploring the soft play, teens gaming in the pool room pod, or a bit of chill-out time in the cinema room, there’s something for everyone.


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”

Discover a whimsical and nonsensical unique dining space, perfect for Mad Hatter’s tea parties and small gatherings.


“The Jabberwocky came whiffing through the tugley wood, and burbled as it came!”

Discover a little people’s wonderland deep within the woodland, especially for younger children. Jump and climb on the multi-sensory soft play, the perfect way to burn off some energy.


“Begin at the beginning, and go on until you come to the end; then stop.” Explore the curious nature of Rockliffe Hall, leaving you smiling like a Cheshire cat as you soak in the delights of your adventure.


“Every adventure requires a first step.” Be transported to the land of the stars in this intimate and most unusual cinema setting. Our box office is bursting with movies to be enjoyed by one and all, with themed food and drinks available too.


“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.” Check in to Comet and enjoy a spot of pool to while away the hours, or perhaps darts with live sports on the big screen.


“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Discover a cosy chill-out space for rest and relaxation. Curl up with a book from our library, catch up with friends

The curious cabins are available to enjoy by residents, members and for private events. To enquire about booking one, or more, of the Curious Cabins please call 01325 729999 or email

The Curious Cabins

  • Host a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in the Will'o The Wisp
  • Jump and bounce on the soft play in the Jaberwocky
  • Get closer to nature in the Hollow
  • Enjoy movies and X box games in the Star
  • Have a game of pool in the Comet
  • Chill-out in the Rosebud

Mischmasch Map, the wonderland of curiosities...

Click here to download a map of Mischmasch, including the Curious Cabins.

What does Mischmasch mean?

Mischmasch, which means ‘a disorderly mixture of things’, was the title Lewis Carroll gave to a periodical he wrote for his family in the mid-1800s. Lewis grew up in Croft, the neighbouring village to Hurworth. The fascinating world he created in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is mirrored in Rockliffe Hall’s exciting new development.


Enquire about booking

The curious cabins are part of the new Alice in Wonderland inspired ‘Mischmasch’ at Rockliffe Hall and are available to enjoy by residents, members and for private events. Please note, other than the Hollow, the curious cabins must be booked in advance. Mischmasch is open daily from 9am during daylight hours. Please note from time to time the area may be closed for private events.