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Celebrating Global Wellness Day 2020 - One Day Can Change Your Life

Victoria Rickett, Spa Manager, invites you to celebrate GWD 2020.

Global Wellness Day founder Belgin Aksoy says: “While keeping up with the world news on Coronavirus, have you had a chance to examine your own personal health in the midst of the pandemic? In other words are you living a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself?”

Global Wellness day, founded in 2012 is an international social project dedicated to living well and the notion that one day could change your life. What if today was a new beginning? The day you decide that you want to life an exceptional life, a life full of happiness, health, love and peace? By looking at the 7 steps towards wellness set out in the 7 step manifest and implementing some of these into your day to day life you will not only live longer but also live better and have more to give to those around you.

Each year Global Wellness Day is a fantastic reminder to check in on our own current state and see what new habits we can say yes to.

The Global Wellness Day Seven Step Manifest:

  1. Walk for an hour. You feel happier as you walk because the brain secretes endorphin while you are walking. You can keep fit by walking. Your muscles get stronger, you lose belly fat, the level of cholesterol reduces and it helps you overcome your weight problems.
  2. Drink more water. People who drink less water might suffer exhaustion, attention deficiency and memory problems. The more water you drink the less carbonated drink you consume.
  3. Don’t use plastic bottles. The plastic bottles made of petroleum waste cause innumerable damage to our health and the environment.
  4. Eat healthy food. Try to consume foods which are produced through natural methods by using appropriate fertilization and weed control techniques without using pesticides and certain chemicals.
  5. Do a good deed. Do a good deed to break your prejudices, to make the world a better place to live. See how you will change your life by changing someone else’s.
  6. Have a family dinner with your loved ones (in your bubble). Eat a family dinner with your loved ones in a room where, if possible, there are no smart phones and TV. Talk about your day. Listen to each other’s recommendations. Some research shows that the family dinners with the loved ones have a psychologically positive effect on the children who suffer obesity.
  7. Go to sleep at 10pm. Sleep is a critical process during which our body regulates everything and repairs and heals itself. It slows down ageing and protects us from diseases. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is released by the brain into the bloodstream during sleep and it’s release is part of the repair and restoration function of sleep. The major period of HRH release is in the first period of stage 3 sleep during the night.

To honour Global Wellness Day we will be sharing our favourite wellness boosting smoothie recipe by Peter Bell, Fitness Manager and I have produced a guided visualisation that will take you to your favourite sun kissed beach and encourage you to take steps towards your own wellness journey.

As a global event endorsed by the Royal Family and celebrities such as Oprah, the hashtag #Globalwellnessday will be a source of inspiration from around the world with virtual events taking place. There is also a 24 hour live stream across six continents of wellness experts offering complimentary classes and tools to enhance your physical & mental wellbeing, immunity, nutrition, love & compassion.

The 24-hour, online GWD celebration will showcase an ongoing range of educational and complimentary presentations — ranging from wingsuit BASE jump to dance, astrology to nutrition and Muay Thai exercises to plant forward cooking classes– and will be available as live streams through Global Wellness Day’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram accounts from sunrise to sunset.

I say yes to Global Wellness Day... Do you?