Looking For Something Different?

Rockliffe Hall is ideally located for team-building activities, surrounded by 375 acres of stunning manicured lawns, parkland, wildflowers gardens and woodland. Everything from fishing, shooting, white water rafting and car racing to golf days, wine-tastings and cookery classes can be easily sorted for you and your team. Enjoy an overnight stay with your team and dine in one of Rockliffe Hall's three restaurants, whilst bonding over the days' activities and pursuits.

Fun Day Out

If you have found that your team are struggling after working from home to fit back into the office environment, why not bring the team for an outdoor team building experience day? As a way to boost communication, motivation and develop strengths.

Here on our stunning grounds with our Team Building Partners GOTO Events we offer a wide range of activities the most popular being:

  • Crystal Challenge. Which team will have the most crystals?

  • Survival Island. Does your team have the best survival plan?

  • Country Sports. Who will win in head-to-head?

  • Soap Box Derby. Ready to team up and build the ultimate wacky racer?

Come Rain or Shine

No matter the time of year here at Rockliffe Hall we have the facilities to offer indoor team building activities as part of an activity day, alternatively why not offer an element of surprise to your team by starting or finishing the conference with a team building activity. This will engage the team to drive creativity, motivation and develop strengths.

Our conference rooms are ideally situated to be able to offer a wide range of activities with our Team Building Partners GOTO Events, the most popular being:

  • Quid Games. Which team has the best problem solving, creative thinking and patience?

  • Master of the Tasks. How will the teams take the creative and skills challenges?

  • Everest Challenge. Has your team planned the best Everest expedition?

  • Yoga Energiser. Who is up for the conference energiser to bring everyone together?

This is a small sample on the events and activities that we have on offer, please let us know the experience you are after, and we will be happy to assist.