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Coffee Culture at Rockliffe Hall

Rockliffe's coffee culture is creating relationships far and wide, beans are brought to the table from Muchomba Farm, in the shade of Mount Kenya.

Relationships are growing - and so is Rockliffe's coffee tree.

Back in 2007, Paddy & Scott's gave the Rockliffe team the unique opportunity to sponsor a coffee tree, located 300 kilometres north of Nairobi on the eastern side of Mount Kenya in the Meru County, Kenya. Just one year later, the tree has started to deliver in more ways than one.

In the shade of Mount Kenya is Muchomba Farm, 15-acres of farm land with 6,000 coffee trees owned by George Muchomba - an inspirational community leader driven by his determination to make the farm and its surrounding area a better place to live, work and be educated.

George is a second-generation coffee farmer as well as a proud family man. He is also one of the founding members of the Ruiga Girls secondary school and his son Issac is on the board of management. Issac is a fundemental part of the coffee farm, ensuring all rees on the estate are producing quality coffee on a regular basis.

Paddy & Scott's trade directly with the Muchomba Farm. This makes for life-changing results for the local community and school as well as the farm itself. Whilst building the new pulping station on site, Paddy & Scott's extended the water supple another 6.6km to the local school, installing new water tanks and building a new brick toilet block with washing facilities and running water. Improvements are still to be made to the farm and the school, but with Rockliffe's support and sponsorship in place, help is on hand. 

On February 2018, Rockliffe Hall received its first batch of coffee from the tree at Muchomba Farm. The Tree itself is still very young, so each batch is small and delivered months apart, however as the hasrvest grows each year, the resort will see its coffee supply increase and develop significantly.

'By working with the Paddy & Scott's coffee suppliers and with our very own Rockliffe coffee tree in situ, we are making a difference in this community, improving their every day lives in the process' says Emma Wright, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at Rockliffe Hall.

'The coffee industry has been one of the key pillars in Kenya's economy since 1963. And with support from the next generation, we can learn how best to grow and harvest the coffee crops. The farms will then be able to build and manage their own coffee farms in the future, ensuring a steady income and a better life. This is just the start of our journey with Paddy & Scott's' adds Emma.

'We will be sending out regular updates and have some enhanced coffee training planned for later in the year. The coffee tree has been planted, a new relationship has formed and we're seeing regular growth as the coffee beans arrive on our doorstep.'

The school farm is in excellent shape for optimum production next year, so watch this space and keep and eye out for bespoke coffee beans all the way from the Meru County, thanks to a close working relationship with Paddy & Scott's.


This article is taken from Rockliffe Hall's latest magazine 'Rockliffe Life'. Read the magazine online by clicking here.