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Green Watch – The Importance of Sharp Blades

As we enter into the summer period and improved weather conditions, more and more golfers are taking to the course.

Maintenance programs have increased to keep up with the demand to deliver a good playing surface for golfers, be it regular verti-cutting to remove organic matter and material, or regular top dressing to improve surface levels. More frequent mowing alongside these operations can have a detrimental effect on the ‘quality’ of cut and so it is important to closely monitor the performance of each mower.
A sharp mower blade will create a clean cut across the leaf blade. This cut aids the grass to heal faster and promotes photosynthesis, whereas a dull blade will tear the grass, often leaving a ‘jagged’ edge. This then tends to dry off and turn brown in colour. These greater surface areas on the plant leaf cause stress, making it more susceptible to attacks from pests, diseases and fungal activity. A simple solution to this is to check both the height and quality of cut after every use. These checks mean the machine is ready for the next use and also determines if the mower needs to be re-sharpened on our grinding benches or old, worn blades need to be replaced. With regular grinding and sharpening we are able to keep up mowing consistency and in doing so minimise machinery downtime and reduce costs in these busy months.
So come and see how the golf course is looking and feel free to corner any of the green keeping team and ask them more about course maintenance.
To find out more about golf at Rockliffe Hall, please call 01325 729980 or email