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Scared of the Spa?

As National Spa Week approaches, spa manager Victoria Rickett shares her advice to overcome the fear of visiting a Spa for the first time and what to expect from your Spa experience.

National Spa Week is upon us once more and as always, here at Rockliffe Hall we are 100% behind this wonderful annual initiative.

The aim of National Spa Week is simple – to ensure that more of the population are aware of the life enhancing, wellbeing effects of using a Spa and making Spas accessible to all, while raising money for McMillan Cancer Support.

Despite the rapid growth of spas across the country the actual percentage of people who regularly use spas is still just 8% despite the improvement to health and stress levels that have been proven to exist. There are many obstacles to some, standing in the way of visiting spas and I hope to overcome some of these in the spirit of National Spa Week

Time and or money - we seem to have one or t’other at a time and it may be thought that a visit to the spa may be reckless squandering of such precious resources. Dipping ones toe in, as it were, by trying a half spa may be the more budget friendly way to sample the delights of the self-care afforded by a spa without investing a full day out of your schedule and a half day is more than enough time to do a full circuit of the thermal suite and even squeeze in a muscle soothing massage.

Body consciousness – some people have the idea that spas are swarming with footballer’s wives types, beautiful people wafting around looking fabulous in bikinis whereas the reality is the majority of spa goers are from each and every walk of life. Robes are provided in a variety of sizes and spa staff work hard to create a warm and friendly environment in which to fully relax.

Fear of new experience – it can be intimidating to enter a whole new world with no idea what happens on a spa day, which is why each and every spa day guest is greeted by our welcome host who takes you to the Brasserie for your welcome drink and talks you through the whole experience from start to finish, the host ensures that you have a full itinerary of your day, that you know where to be for each element of your day and you know your way around and how to get the best from the experience and are there all day to answer any questions you may have.

Lack of spa buddy – It can feel awkward to some to think of coming to a spa on your own but what you may be surprised to hear is how many people do exactly that! There are so many nooks and crannies to curl up with a good book and solo spa-ing certainly has its advantages when it comes to completely switching off from the outside world.

Doesn’t appeal – the view of spa that is portrayed to the world is that of some beautiful woman laying serenely with stones placed lovingly on her back and this is a teeny tiny percentage of what a spa has to offer, yes we offer heavenly treatments but we also have some amazing facilities which offer long lasting benefits to health and even mental wellbeing that we need to shout louder about. For example there are countless scientific studies carried out that are extolling the benefits of regular sauna usage in relation to reduced risk of coronary diseases, hypertension, Alzheimer’s and dementia. For the more active there is a generally a gym and classes to enjoy and for those who just want a digital detox , a lounger around poolside is the perfect way to get away from it all.

Health concerns – an understandable fear, many of us are living with health conditions that can limit what we do and it can be unnerving to try to decipher if needs can be catered for, for this reason many spas invest heavily in training for staff to be able to be confident in advising which treatments would be best, if any adaptions are recommended to cater for dietary needs and make every guest feel as comfortable, content in the knowledge that they are in safe hands. We offer telephone consultations with our experts so you can leave your illness at the door and enjoy the relaxation you so deserve

Hopefully I have allayed any fears and you will join us this National Spa Week, either on one of our specially created spa day ‘come on in the water is lovely’ of by coming to one of our events.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Spa.

Victoria x

To find out more about Rockliffe Hall's spa days and experiences please call a member of the team on 01325 729999 or email