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Tune Your Body to a Healthier Christmas Lifestyle

The festive season is now definitely upon us, read Fitness Manager Peter Bell’s top tips for keeping healthy during this time of eating, drinking and being merry! 

The general behavioural pattern we tend to follow is; stop exercising and over indulge with your eating and alcohol intake, then try and return to better, healthy lifestyle habits in mid to late January.

This approach makes it much more difficult to return to a healthier lifestyle quicker in the New Year, also the extra pounds you put on over that period leave you feeling de-motivated, guilty and maybe even a little bit bad about yourself.

My top tip this year is your best defence is a good offence. If you try to keep your Christmas lifestyle better balanced, that will help to reduce those potential extra pounds you could put on and also make you feel so much better in the process.

Yes you can keep your Christmas indulgences, but quite simply do not overindulge excessively. Also make it a priority to keep to most of your gym commitments if possible, this will help compensate for those balanced indulgences – a brisk Boxing Day walk is a great way to blow out the cobwebs!

Using this approach will help keep your body tuned to a healthier Christmas lifestyle. If you would like any more advise about not letting the festive season get on top of you, come and see the friendly gym team.