Relax and nourish both your body and mind when you visit the Spa at Rockliffe. 

We have an array of spa facilities; from our thermal suite comprising both hot and cold experiences, alongside spa pools to enhance circulation and boost the immune system, to a unique treatment offering, cultivated by our own spa experts.

Whether you want to unwind and de-stress, or refresh and rejuvenate, the Spa at Rockliffe offers the ultimate Spa experience for all. Enjoy some me-time with an invigorating Spa Day, a romantic spa escape or even join us more often with our spa memberships.

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Swimming Pool

At 20 metres long it is perfect for an energising swim or quick dip between heat rooms.


Our 15 metre Hydropool hosts an extensive array of timed water jets and massage features combining to create a therapeutic whole-body Hydro massage experience.

Outdoor Drench Shower

Use on its own or switch between the warm water of the hot tub and the more refreshing cold drench shower to provide a full body contrast bathing experience.

Foot Spa

Any reflexologist will tell you that energy begins and ends in the feet and by stimulating with alternate hot and cold massaging bubbles, you will feel refreshed and invigorated from top to toe.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Warm up with a dip in the bubbling outdoor hot tub. Unwind and relax nestled in nature no matter the weather!


With its warm body-shaped beds and aromatic oils infused into the atmosphere, the Tepidarium will relax both body and mind. The perfect start to your spa bathing journey.

Salt Steam

Halotherapy (Halo is Greek for Salt) has been understood to benefit the respiratory system since the 1800’s. The combination of steam, salt and infused essence provides relief and rejuvenation for both body and mind.


Combining the elements of a sauna and steam room, the Tropicarium delivers a different 'feel' to the more traditional heat rooms while providing many of the same health benefits with a humidity that softens the experience.

Roman Sauna

Traditional wood lined sauna providing dry heat with the option of adding humidity by pouring water on hot coals. There is growing evidence to suggest that regular sauna use not only relaxes and detoxifies the body, but could also promote cardiovascular health while protecting against certain degenerative conditions.

Infrared Room

While a traditional sauna heats the air around you, infrared lamps warm the body directly, allowing health benefits at a temperature many people will find more comfortable. It has also been suggested that the detoxification process is enhanced by using infrared when compared to traditional saunas.


Hot and cold (or contrast) therapy is thought to promote the circulation of fluid around the body, helping to deliver nutrients and flush out unwanted waste. Use cold air and ice flakes in the Igloo to lower body temperature between heat rooms and awaken the senses.


Fully equipped with Technogyms' Artis, Skill Line and Kinesis ranges, there's also an extensive selection of free weights and functional space with full support from our team of Fitness Specialists. Group exercise timetable, sports therapy and personal training also available.

Unique Spa Experiences

Exclusive to Rockliffe Hall, where we are dedicated to bringing you exceptional experiences, we have two extraordinary additions that will enhance any visit to the spa.

Mud Rasul Ritual

45 minutes / £25 per person

An experience inspired by an ancient Middle Eastern custom of herbal steam and mud bathing. Using self-administered salt scrub and Dead Sea mud to detoxify the body, deeply relax the muscles and nourish the skin.

Our tropical monsoon rain shower concludes your experience and nourishing coconut oil is provided to lock in moisture. This is the perfect way to relax or have fun with your partner or friends.

2 to 6 people, maximum party of 6. Not suitable for pregnancy.

Inspired by the Middle East

Spa Garden

90 minutes / £25 per person

Upgrade your day or stay to enjoy this special spa experience, blending indoors and outdoors for when you need an extra touch of tranquillity. The Spa Garden is a luxurious space, light and airy in summer, and cosy and warm in winter.

Take in panoramic views whilst enjoying the very best facilities such as our infinity edge experience pool, sumptuous loungers, relaxing day beds and more.

Blending Indoors and Outdoors