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A ‘treatment’ for the brain, rather than the body. 

The Spa.Wave Bed technology in the Mind Therapy Room is an experience like no other in the fight against the stresses of today. Originally developed to combat PTSD, this technology can reduce stress, improve sleep and much more.

You will be set up on the comfortable Spa.Wave bed, reclining on the warmed water cushions. The bed gently vibrates and the headset plays binaural beats, which sound like soothing spa music but are really guiding you through the brainwave cycles of sleep to take you to a state of deep relaxation where healing occurs. Even the busiest minds can achieve deep levels of relaxation in a 30 or 60 minute therapy session.

This is power napping at its best!

From £30 per session

To find out more about the technology behind the Spa. Wave bed, please visit here.

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