Explore our treatment of the month for April.

Intended to resurface, re-densify and lift the skin, the Sublime Skin is one of our facial treatment offerings brought to you by our brand partners [ comfort zone ] and our expert Rockliffe Hall therapists.

Combined with an exclusive lifting technique, Archi-lift technology and the [ comfort zone ] microsonic facial device, the treatment stimulates cellular regeneration, bestows fullness and redefines the volume of the face, smoothing and toning the skin.

It’s specific action and efficacy is obtained thanks to the double peel followed by an innovative peel-off mask.

Ready to nourish, illuminate and tone for either 60 or 90 minutes, continue reading to find out more about April’s treatment of the month.

Skin-sational Results…

The Sublime Skin Facial is suited to all skin types as its aim is to hydrate. However, it is particularly recommended for skins which are mature and have visible loss of tone and volume. It has anti-ageing effects and has the purpose of creating more youthful skin by boosting luminosity and reducing wrinkles.

Au Naturel Process…

Over the years, all skin layers undergo specific alterations that lead to degeneration of the three fundamental components that make up the skin structure – water, proteins and lipids. The Sublime Skin Facial’s main benefits are to improve texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles. This is achieved by the technology behind the treatment, creating an all-natural filler effect.

The Archi-lift technology empowered with Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 and Achillea Millefolium is designed to visibly corrects wrinkles and loss of tone with clean, sustainable, clinically proven formulas.

The microsonic facial device is designed to regenerate anti-aging stimulation of the deeper layers of the skin using microcurrents, which serve as a powerful stimulator for cellular metabolism and cutaneous circulation.

And finally, the two-step peel approach promotes firmer younger-looking skin by using a 15% lactic acid peel booster and also an age peel, bright peel, or delicate peel depending on your personal skin type.

Trending Ingredients…

There are lots of brilliant ingredients within the Sublime Skin Facial which all promote a natural plumping effect to the skin.

Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 is a high-tech ingredient which effectively counteracts the degeneration of skin by reducing inflammatory molecules (SASPs), benefiting the skin’s vitality and efficiency with Achillea Millefolium being a completely traceable natural extract, which is cultivated through regenerative agriculture and extracted with cold pressure. It avoids the use of chemical agents, to preserve its efficacy at the most potent level and has proven to stimulate collagen by 35% and reduce the enzymes that destroy it.

Micro and Macro Hyaluronic Acid are hydro-fillers with both epidermal and dermal levels thanks to the different weight and action of the molecules. Paeonia Albilora extract offers a lipo filler effect restoring volume, with Plantago Lanceolata stimulating and protecting skin proteins, and Acetyl Hexapeptide – 9 & 11 increasing collagen synthesis and promoting interaction between components of the skin structure.

Hey Big Spender…

The [ comfort zone ] Microsonic Facial Device is available to purchase from our Spa Boutique to create a similar but simplified at-home facial treatment. We would recommend combining this with a Hydramemory essence when using or, we currently have the Sublime Skin Kit containing the eye cream, intensive serum, and cream to continue your Sublime journey.

Something a little extra…

To keep up with the natural filler effect look, we would also recommend the Sublime Skin Lift Mask. This immediately lifts, firms and brightens, keeping the results from your full Sublime Skin Facial treatment performing to its full potential. The use of AHA (Alphya Hydroxy Acids) products, primarily glycolic and lactic acids also work brilliantly in your at-home skincare routine to keep the skin exfoliated, and they also promote collagen production and increase blood flow to the skin.

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