Meet our new Membership Manager, Brad Fullbrook who joins us to enhance the membership experience at Rockliffe Hall.

With the new golfing season underway, we sat down with Brad to discuss his new and exciting role and to find out a bit more about him.

Q. What attracted you to Rockliffe Hall?

A. "The chance to continue my career within the golf industry and at a 5-star resort. Having travelled before the pandemic I have since been working for the family business. I am looking forward to developing the level of service which sets Rockliffe apart, and attracts new Members to the club."

Q. Name the number one reason to choose membership at Rockliffe Hall.

A. "It is not just membership; it is a lifestyle choice and definitely one you will not regret!"

Q. How did you start playing golf?

A. "My Dad (as most Dads will understand) got the ‘Golfing Bug’ and fortunately for me encouraged the teenage me out of the house (off my Xbox) and got me into Golf. I now have a handicap of 0.8 which I am proud of although I am yet to get a hole in one, although there’s still time!"

Q. Which golf course is your favourite?

A. "To play it is Las Ramblas, a course in Spain just outside Torrevieja. It is in immaculate condition with ravines and the odd tree in the middle of a fairway. I also like the Royal Birkdale, which I believe is the best course on The Open roster."

Q. How do you prepare for a round of golf?

A. " I like to practice my putting before I go out and play, to gauge the speed of the greens. I am not a massive fan of the driving range before golf, as I don’t like to waste all my good shots!"

Q. What is your top golf tip?

A. "Work on your alignment, so many golfers hit ‘bad shots’ which actually weren’t that bad because they were aiming in the wrong place"

Q. What is your advice when your round is not going to plan?

A. "Don’t let your golf ruin a nice walk, take every hole as it comes. You’re out there to have fun and enjoy yourself with your fellow golfers"

Q. What is something most people don’t know about you?

A. "I played county badminton for 6 years when I was younger so I can turn my hand to both a racquet and a club!"

Find out more about golf and membership at Rockliffe Hall.

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