From the Cocktail Bar at Rockliffe Hall to yours, mix up your favourite cocktails and enjoy in the sun.

Aperol Spritz

A refreshing sip...


75ml Prosecco
50ml Aperol
Soda water
Ice cubes
Slice of orange


In a large balloon glass pour 75ml of prosecco and add a double part of Aperol (50 ml).
Add plenty of ice cubes
Top up with soda water and stir briefly
Add a slice of orange to decorate


A complex cocktail made up of simple ingredients...


25ml Gin
25ml Martini Rosso
25ml Campari
3 ice cubes
Twisted orange zest


In an old fashioned or rock glass, combine your gin, Martini Rosso and Campari
Add three cubes of solid ice and stir gently
Add a twisted orange zest to compliment your drink

Mixing it up

Make it a Negroni sbagliato by replacing the gin with 50ml of prosecco and follow the same method


Make it an Americano by replacing the gin and prosecco with 75ml soda water and follow the same method

Posh pawn Martini

Sweet taste of summer...


35ml vanilla vodka
15ml Passoa liqueur
The juice of half lime
The flesh of a passion fruit
10ml vanilla syrup
4 ice cubes


In a shaker, combine four cubes of solid ice, vanilla vodka, Passoa liqueur, the juice of half lime,
flesh of a passion fruit and vanilla syrup
Shake for 10 seconds and fine strain in a Martini
glass and garnish with half passion fruit
Either pour 50ml of Champagne in a Champagne glass and serve it separately or pour directly into
the cocktail and enjoy.

Book a table for summer dining with a cocktail...

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