Neom Organics, one of our brand partners puts the power of essential oils at the forefront of their brand. We explore five oils that can help you feel calmer by offering a positive way of dealing with stress.

Stress is part of life especially in today’s fast paced society with media constantly available offering immediate communication, 24-hour news from around the world as well as the temptation to scroll through social media, sometimes making it difficult to switch off and truly relax.

At this time of year many people are sitting exams or trying to finish off dissertations or coursework which can also be stress inducing. A natural way to try and combat feelings of stress is by using essential oils as a stress relieving tool.

Whether you like to light a candle, add a few drops to your bath with scent or use a diffuser. The scents below can help you on your way to feeling calm.


This is a popular essential oil and is often used to help promote sleep and reduce stress due to its comforting aroma, it contains linalool which has been shown to help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Neom use lavender in their Perfect Night’s Sleep collection.

The NEOM Real Luxury range (De-stress) does just that; this one is not just lavender but is incorporated with beautiful sensuous Jasmine and a musky Brazilian Rosewood, creating an earthy, deeply calming aroma.
Try lighting a candle at the end of the day along with the scent and watching the flame flicker away. It is enough to help you feel relaxed enough to drift off into a dreamy sleep and let all the worries of the day disappear.


Jasmine has a sweet and delicate scent which is also refreshing. Due to its rejuvenating properties Neom have blended it into their Real Luxury scent. Jasmine is known for creating a sense of calm for those who often feel anxious, tense or on edge.


A boost to your mood on those days where you can’t seem to get motivated, orange with its citrus and zesty scent is a good one for mornings or in the afternoons when your energy disappears, this cheerful and sunny oil will give your mood a lift – much better than a cup of coffee!


Another zesty scent like Orange, lemon can help stimulate positivity which can be challenging if you are feeling down. The citrus scent is known to be uplifting and calming. Neom offer a Happiness Essential Oil Blend which provides an energising aroma.


Neroli also goes by the orange blossom oil and has a sweet and spicy scent which can and can also help you to feel secure and comforted and may help promote sleep and relaxation. It is also thought to be a mood enhancer. You will find this scent in Neom’s Scent To Make You Happy collection.

The De-Stress range from Neom

This also has some luxurious essential oil blends, perfect for using in your pod or water diffusers. We recommend Ylang Ylang, Vetivert and Tonka Bean, with the key ingredient of ylang ylang that really helps reduce blood pressure and relieve any symptoms of stress or anxiety.

Mix this with the fruity aroma of the Tonka Bean and woody notes of the vetivert, it creates the perfect relaxing cocktail. If only you could bathe in essential oils!

Neom Organics products are stocked in our Spa Boutique located on the ground floor of the spa.
You can also experience a Neom Wellbeing Treatment in the Spa where you will have a scent discovery consultation where your therapist and you will select the best treatment for your wellbeing needs, whether this is to have your mood lifted, promote sleep or de-stress.

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