The Spa at Rockliffe Hall has launched a brand-new specialist signature treatment, developed by Treatments Manager Sarah Usher and completely exclusive to the five-red-star resort.

Therapists at Rockliffe Hall have undergone specialist training to deliver this treatment which rejuvenates and softens skin, gets rid of tension, contributes to the elimination of toxins stored in the body, reduces and alleviates various types of joint and muscle pains and reduces anxiety and insomnia.

The Tranquil Tibetan Ritual uses [ comfort zone ] volcanic scrub and tranquillity oils combined with Tibetan Sound bowls, inspired by an antique indigenous practice belonging to the Traditional Tibetan Medicine, born in Tibet more than 3900 years ago.

The treatment is especially beneficial for people suffering with issues such as stress, sleeping problems and joint and muscle pains thanks to both the massage techniques and the vibration created by the resonating bowls.

What happens in the treatment

The Tranquil Tibetan Ritual is a 90-minute renewing and balancing treatment that works on a client physically, mentally and spiritually. It takes inspiration from Tibetan medicine, which uses traditional ayurvedic techniques to heal chakras and boost energy, as well as using bamboo stick massage with aromatic and luxurious oils to eliminate toxins in the body; relieve joint and muscle pain; reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

How the treatment works

We start each treatment with a foot soak as we go through the consultation and the explanation of the treatment. Once the client is laid comfortably on the bed, a rejuvenating full body exfoliation takes place using a volcanic scrub from the lava of the Stromboli volcano in Italy to renew the skin, eliminate dead cells and prepare your skin for the absorption of the aromatic tranquillity oils.

After a cleansing shower (each of the Rockliffe Hall treatment rooms feature a private shower for clients) your skin will be softened and ready for the Tibetan Bowl ritual. The three bowls are positioned upon the clients back in line with the body’s chakras, and each is in turn (allowing the sound to dissipate before striking the next) this is where the vibrational energy from the bowls travels into the clients cells to promote healing from within.

Next, your Therapist will gently remove the bowls and perform a bamboo stick massage to the whole body using the [ comfort zone ] tranquillity blend of essential oil including Cedarwood and Sweet Orange, intentionally created to favour profound relaxation and harmony. The bamboo stick allows deep pressures into the muscles mixed with lymphatic drainage techniques the body is melted and moulded into a state of relaxation.

The ritual is concluded with an Indian head massage to acupressure points along the neck, head and scalp, using ayurvedic techniques to boost emotional and physical wellbeing.

Who uses the treatment?

The Tranquil Tibetan Ritual is designed to physically release tensions, alleviates muscular aches and pains and improves the flow of energy, thereby increasing vitality. It eliminates toxins that are stored in the body.

Mentally it deeply relaxes and quietens the mind, reduces anxiety and so encourages sleep. Spiritually it connects you to harmonious frequencies due to the psycho-physical relaxation.

The Tibetan singing bowls have always been considered a symbol of healing. The vibration that is caused when the bowls are struck travels through the body and has an effect on all the cells of the body, it causes them to vibrate faster and healthy cells vibrate at a higher frequency.

Due to the fact that the effects of the massage and especially of the sound, can remain in the body for 72 hours, not more than 2 treatments a week are necessary. A monthly treatment has a great rebalancing and harmonizing effect.

Tips for people who are thinking about having the treatment?

Try it! The massage element is not a deep tissue massage and doesn’t focus on knots specifically but the overall experience is one of pure bliss, and it can help to switch your mind off and helps relieve tension in the muscles. It will take you to a level of relaxation that you will very rarely experience.

For the client wanting more of a remedial treatment we would steer you toward more traditional massage, and our team of Spa experts are happy to advise on the best treatment for your individual needs.

To find out more or book a treatment please submit an enquiry form below or contact the Spa team on 01325 729988.

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