Make your wellbeing a priority this New Year with our favourite products from the Spa Boutique.

Featuring luxury brands NEOM and [ comfort zone ], shop our Spa Boutique for unique wellbeing and skincare products to continue your spa journey at home. Take the essence of tranquility with you and beat the January blues.

With advice from our friendly and knowledgeable Spa team, read more to find out our top 3 favourite products for making your wellbeing a top priority in 2022.

NEOM Wellbeing Pod

The original and longest standing member, The Wellbeing Pod works wonders for scenting every corner of the room and can be easily changed to suit your mood as it changes throughout the day.

Whatever your wellbeing needs, the Neom Wellbeing Pod works at the touch of a button, helping you achieve better sleep, less stress, a mood lift or more energy through 100% natural Essential Oil Blends.

Also available is the Wellbeing Pod Luxe, the newest and largest member of the family and the the Pod Mini which is wireless and waterless.

[ Comfort Zone ] Arnica Remedy Cream

Body lotion with Arnica, Eucalyptol and Cinnamon for a pleasant sensation of wellbeing and rejuvenation. The soothing cream from [ comfort zone ] which warms up when applied to the skin is recommended in case of muscle contracture and soreness due to fatigue.

Organic and vegan friendly, the product is also paragon and mineral oil free, just what you need when looking to hydrate the skin on a cold, January day (and adding a little bit of warmth).

NEOM Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

Say hello to the newly blended hero, NEOM's Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, now with added baobab and jojoba oil. The magic four (rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter) has been expertly re-whipped up to be even more intensely nourishing and is now the magic 6! Now also included is baobab (containing vitamin C, A, D, E and F and essential fatty acids), and jojoba oil (a soothing wonder for dry skin).

Join us for a treatment this January or browse our Spa Boutique at your own leisure.

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