Rockliffe Hall has partnered with Performance Managed Golf (PMG) to enhance the Academy and Coaching facilities.

PMG deliver an extensive coaching facility to all standards of golfer and pride themselves in using quality coaches, cutting edge technology, modern coaching techniques and priority on the golfers needs.

We have put together some of the top tips provided by PMG’s PGA Coach, Liam Taylor to help you get the best out of your game:

Add 10 yards to your drive!

If you’re playing a long hole and require those few extra yards from the tee, give the following a try:

1. Full turn of the upper torso into the backswing, with your leading shoulder tucked under your chin.

2. Keep your hands as far from your chest as possible in the backswing to keep width in the swing.

3. Feel your hands are higher at the top of the backswing.

All will lead to a full and longer swing, resulting in increased swing and clubhead speed.

Check your key impact check points for your irons to ensure greater ball striking consistency.

1. Pressure is favouring the lead side 80%/20%

2. Ensure there is a small amount of shaft lean

3. The hips have rotated open to the target

4. The clubface points at the target

5. The clubhead is working downward onto the ball - the divot is made after the ball is struck

Use these few check points to see greater ball striking, hopefully leading to lower scores!

Struggling with hook bias ball flights?

If you're a golfer who struggles with a hook shot try these two tips:

1. Check your bottom hand grip - ideally the V line created by your index finger and thumb will point towards your trail ear. This will feel as though your bottom hand sits more on top of the grip.

2. Focus on the hands exiting towards your lead hip (Left exit for RH golfer) through the impact zone and do not allow the toe of the club to outrace the heel through the impact zone.

Playing into Wind

Controlling the trajectory of the ball flight into wind is crucial.

If you want to be better in windy conditions, next time you’re playing into wind try these key principals:

- Position the ball just behind the centre of your stance.

- Pressure/weight favouring the lead side.

- Use more club and swing smoother.

- Focus and feel your hands and centre of your chest stay ahead of the ball through impact.

- Shorter follow through, keeping the loft down.

Services offered by PMG are:

- One-to-one expert tuition
- The delivery and growth of an exciting Junior Golf programme
- Group coaching across a range of specific subjects
- Learn to play programmes for beginners new to the game

Find out more about golf or book a tee time on the Championship golf course at Rockliffe Hall. 

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