Performance Managed Golf (PMG) is partnered with Rockliffe Hall to enhance our Academy and Coaching facilities.

PMG deliver an extensive coaching facility to all standards of golfer and pride themselves in using quality coaches, cutting edge technology, modern coaching techniques and priority on the golfers needs.

We have put together some of the latest top tips provided by PMG’s PGA Coach, Liam Taylor to help you get the best out of your game:

5 Ways to Improve Your Practice

1. Implement short game into your practice this should at least be 60% of your practice time.

2. Spray the clubface or use clubface stickers to help monitor strike location. Centre strike should always be priority.

3. Video your swing from both angles (Face on and down the ball to target line). Feel and real are different when making swing changes, this gives you visual feedback.

4. Use alignment sticks and training aids for swing constraints and visual guidance.

5. Practice how you play different shots and make it realistic –

a. Poor lies around the green
b. Chip and putt (those short putts are just as important as the chip)
c. Plugged ball in the bunker

Planning your short game practice in order to get the ball up and down more often from around the green.

You’re not always going to chip/pitch or splash it to tap in distance. With this in mind, think about where you would like your next putt to be from.

- Assess the slope around the hole and focus on leaving your short game shot on the low side of the hole. Leaving yourself an uphill/straight putt will drastically improve your chance of getting up and down.

- Practice before your round your short putts, this will enhance your earlier short game practice.
- 20 putts around the hole inside 7ft from all sides of the hole incorporating all types of slopes: uphill 5 putts / downhill 5 putts / right to left 5 putts / left to right 5 putts.

Four tips to help with consistency

1. Play the same ball type, be sure this is the same ball you practice with on the putting green/pre round/practice. Find a ball that suits your game and stick to it.

2. Stick to your swing thoughts throughout your round, use the same thoughts, routine and focus on every swing.

3. Don’t attempt shots you haven't already practiced.

4. Understand and monitor your yardages. To be consistent it is vital you understand how far each club carries. Book a gapping and continue to monitor this throughout the year as this will change as your swing changes and the weather / temperature varies.

Putting Tempo

If you struggle with speed control or you find the ball skidding when you putt, a key area to look at is your tempo.

To help gather the correct feel for tempo, download the metronome beats app and set the clicks to 75 per minute and swing the putter back and through at the same tempo. This is the PGA tour average tempo for all putter swing lengths. You can even train this at home, on the putting green or even without a ball.

Putting - Long Putts

Improve your long putts:

1. You should be prioritising on speed before line, use the 10% ratio (e.g. from 30ft, inside 3ft as a target).

2. Focus on a longer and smoother stroke length not a shorter stroke/faster tempo, this will help the ball roll efficiently and reduce skidding.

3. Read the putt from the hole back to the ball, the last 6 feet is crucial as the ball will curve more as the ball slows. Think about where you want the next putt to be from (under the hole leaving you an uphill/straight putt is preferable).

4. Centered strike is key for consistent distance control.

Alignment - 3 Priorities

1. Clubface Alignment - Pick a point 6-12 inches ahead of the ball and down the ball to target line and aim the clubface at this point.

2. Shoulder Alignment - Parallel to the ball to target line and slightly left for a RH golfer. Imagine a train track line. The inner line is your shoulders/feet and the outer line is the ball to target line. Be mindful with a forward ball position as this can cause the shoulders to open and aim excessively to the left.

3. Feet Alignment - Exactly the same as the shoulder line. Aiming slightly to the left/parallel to the ball to target line. However, this is your only visual reference for body alignment when standing over the ball, be disciplined with this.

Alignment is crucial in a target-based sport.

Services offered by PMG are:

- One-to-one expert tuition
- The delivery and growth of an exciting Junior Golf programme
- Group coaching across a range of specific subjects
- Learn to play programmes for beginners new to the game

Rockliffe Hall’s PMG Academy offers expert coaching and golf tuition to help you achieve the perfect swing.

Use the links below to find out more abour PMG and the Championship golf course at Rockliffe Hall.

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