Performance Managed Golf (PMG) is partnered with Rockliffe Hall to enhance our Academy and Coaching facilities.

PMG deliver an extensive coaching facility to all standards of golfer and pride themselves in using quality coaches, cutting edge technology, modern coaching techniques and priority on the golfers needs.

We have put together some of the latest top tips provided by PMG’s PGA Coach, Liam Taylor to help you get the best out of your game:

Pressure Shift

The pressure shift onto your lead side through impact is a key element all players should strive towards. This helps improve strike, speed, attack angle and low point.

As a general guideline, we are looking for a lateral shift of around 3 inches towards the target in downswing and through impact.

If this is something you struggle with be mindful you aren't loading into the lead side in backswing which could cause a reverse pivot style motion in downswing. Check your ball position is not too far back, this could cause you to lean back to create loft, thus resulting in a reverse pressure shift.

If you’re looking for speed and strike this is key. Get yourself posted onto that lead side in throughswing.

2023 targets

Many golfers set targets for the year. If you haven't done this yet, it's not too late to do so.

Set one long term target and three short term targets, each of your short term targets should ideally result in the completion of your long term target. I challenge you all to do this for the remainder of the year.

Short term target examples:

- Improve your up and down percentage by (10% or 20%) within 2 months

- Reduce 3 putts to a minimum of 1 per round. Within 2 months

Long term target examples:

- break 90 5 times by the end of 2023

- Reduce handicap from 19 to 16 by the end of 2023

All targets should be: Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Realistic / Time based.

Putting Motion

If you feel handsy in your putting stroke and feel as though you have limited control of direction, line and accuracy, add a small amount of ulnar deviation in your wrists.

This can help reduce any excessive wrist motion throughout the stroke.

Hold this feeling of ulnar deviation throughout the stroke. Be mindful not to add any ulnar deviation or take any away within the motion of the stroke itself.

Deep Rough

From time to time you'll need to take your medicine and get the ball back in play, and the rough around Rockliffe can get deep at times.

When in deep rough, do the following:

- Ball position should be middle-to-back of stance

- Use a high lofted club (wedge)

- Open the clubface slightly

- Swing the club more up and down, and less around your body as you'll need to chop down on this to help avoid the long grass behind the ball.

Services offered by PMG are:

- One-to-one expert tuition
- The delivery and growth of an exciting Junior Golf programme
- Group coaching across a range of specific subjects
- Learn to play programmes for beginners new to the game

Rockliffe Hall’s PMG Academy offers expert coaching and golf tuition to help you achieve the perfect swing.

Use the links below to find out more abour PMG and the Championship golf course at Rockliffe Hall.

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