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Biodynamic ‘detox’ for January

It is the period of the year when many say it is time to change and actually use that Gym card that has been in the wallet or purse for half of the year. More Green Tea and healthy living. I do agree with that, well perhaps not the Green Tea...

Biodynamic Wines. That is my ‘detox’ for January. These are wines that have absolutely nothing added to the whole process from grape to bottle. To quote Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925): Biodynamic agriculture includes ecological and spiritual principles. It aims at the ecological self- sufficiency of farms as cohesive, interconnected living systems.

Basically it means that the Vineyard is listening to the land, weather, crop and work taking place around it to make it flourish. The soil is so important here, but now that is too much science for this piece! Winemakers that do this claim to have noted stronger, cleaner and more vibrant tastes; floral is the association that crops up quite often. The Vineyards themselves seems stronger and better in the long run.

And the wine…

Take Alois Lageder’s wine from Alto Adige in northern Italy. The Pinot Noir is light in colour and the nose is restrained but inviting. The first mouthful surprises you with such clean and lean appearance that gives you soft black cherry, a touch of spice. But it is the aftertaste that takes you to a different level! A multitude of flavours of fruit where ripe raspberry and blackberry mingles with leather and spice. All of this achieved in the most elegant and supple way!

Or Olivier Leflaive that have been biodynamic for several years now. And I do love my white Burgundies. At the moment I am drinking Auxey-Duresses La Macabree, 2010 and with its gold, green reflection, it is inviting from the start. Notes of hay, honey and apple on the nose. Solid first mouthful that expand into layers of honey, green but sweet, apples. The aftertaste brings just a hint of oak to make it a fully fledged wine that gives the ‘detox’ a kick in the right direction!

You can enjoy biodynamic wines from our wine list in the Orangery restaurant, to find out more or make a reservation please call 01325 729999.