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Greenwatch - Health and Safety

With the lack of growth and maintenance requirements on the course at the moment, it is a perfect time to update and refresh the health and safety records. 

Working as a Greenkeeper can often mean we are faced with various hazards while maintaining the course. Variables can change from day to day mainly due to changing weather conditions. Each weather element has its own hazards be it sunburn, slippery and uneven terrain from rain, frost and snow or contact with debris in windy conditions. Alongside these conditions our working day involves using machinery and equipment such as utility vehicles and mowing equipment, all of which can cause harm in numerous ways such as moving parts, sharp blades and hot engine parts. The operation of the machine also has to be taken into consideration such as operating on slopes, operating near water and using the right piece of equipment per task. There are also a number of hazardous fertilizers and chemicals used on the course and it is our duty to make sure that the products are being used correctly and well within the guidelines given on the label. 
It is therefore necessary to constantly maintain all risk and COSHH assessments and update where required to reflect new working procedures, equipment and changes to the environment. These assessments not only help to keep our greenkeepers safe, but highlight hazards that could cause harm to golfers, public and other visitors.

To find out more about golf at Rockliffe Hall please phone the team on 01325 729999 or email